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Enter your wallet address and complete the CoinHive Captcha to earn 50 to 300 Satoshi every 30 minutes! There is also a 1% chance you can win 1000 satoshi! Visit the short link to earn an extra 100 Satoshi.

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Recent Payouts

XhAHXbevgmkdWByjP4Hq7cUin3bFBRx2gb226 satoshi
XhAHXbevgmkdWByjP4Hq7cUin3bFBRx2gb303 satoshi
XhT9kbXJpD9FZPirXcs13khgFkpMc6kB3n222 satoshi
Xytu3C6WENwUiQwo73zRZNFRU2VCBFeDv5188 satoshi

Reflink: http://altcoinminer.us/faucets/dash/?r=Your_Address

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